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House Plant Inc., the construction arm of Norsman Architects, was founded in 2005 to provide a construction alternative for our architectural clients.  Its inception grew from the desire to create a higher quality, design oriented, built product of Norsman Architect plans at a better value.

Working in a design build fashion has enabled our team of architects to work more closely with our clients and subcontractors throughout the entire construction process, providing superior, highly crafted projects.  Unlike a more traditional architectural role in which the architect is on site a few times a month, we are on site daily, monitoring, observing and making in-field decisions best left to an architect.  It has enabled us to carefully control and balance decisions related to both design and budget always to the project's advantage. 


Built Work:

  • Potomac II, 5,500 SF, 2013
  • Lincoln Park West, 4,400 SF, 2013
  • Leavitt III, 6,000 SF, 2013
  • Bucktown Retreat, 750 SF, completed 2012
  • David Grossman Associates, 4,800 SF, completed 2011
  • Leavitt II, 4,455 SF, completed 2010
  • Moorman, 3,500 SF, completed 2009            
  • Leavitt I, 6,000 SF, completed 2010
  • Potomac I, 3,900 SF, completed 2007